Rotary drilling is the current common spa drilling method, and there are two types of rotary drilling and downhole power drilling according to different power transfer methods.   1、Rotary drilling. A rotary disc is installed at the wellhead of the drilling platform, with a square hole in the center of the rotary disc, through which the square drill rod at the upper end of the drill column passes, and the drill column and drill bit are connected under the square drill rod. When the power machine drives the turntable, it drives the drilling column and bit to rotate together, breaking the rock, deepening the borehole as the drilling column lengthens, and returning the rock chips to the surface with the recycle mud.   2、Downhole power drilling. Downhole power drilling tools are used to drive the drill bit to break the rock. The characteristic is that the drill column does not rotate while drilling, which is suitable for drilling directional wells with low wear and long service life. There are turbine drilling, screw drilling and electric drilling tools. The first two are driven by high-pressure mud, while the latter one is driven by electricity. turbine drilling was first used in the Soviet Union in the early 1930s, and turbine drilling and screw drilling have been used in China since the 1950s, mainly for drilling directional wells. Electric drilling requires special drilling columns with cables and has not been used in large quantities.

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