Service guarantee

        Service wins the market and demands benefits from the market

        Over the years, Jiangsu Hengda Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has insisted on putting the interests of customers at the forefront, pursuing reliable performance and ensuring high quality. With high-quality products and perfect services, it has made great contributions to the petroleum industry, and the products are exported to home and abroad. The company cultivates the market and serves sincerely. It has established a service and maintenance grid in major oil fields across the country including Dagang, North China, Changqing, Daqing, Liaohe, Xinjiang, Qinghai, Shengli, and Nanyang, forming a strong and reliable sales service system Help and guide customers to provide equipment installation, commissioning, maintenance and other related services. Committed to arrive at the scene within 12 hours, effectively solve the user's worries, won the unanimous praise of customers.

o Jiangsu Hengda Xi'an (Changqing Oilfield) Office18706728886

o Jiangsu Hengda Dongying (Shengli Oilfield) Office15066001888

o Jiangsu Hengda Liaohe (Liaohe Oilfield) Office13604931671

o Jiangsu Hengda Qinghai (Qinghai Oilfield) Office13770103888

o Jiangsu Hengda Xinjiang (Tuha Oilfield) Office18252266345

o Jiangsu Hengda Jilin (Jilin Oilfield) Office18343823208

o Jiangsu Hengda Daqing (Daqing Oilfield) Office15004597288

o Jiangsu Hengda Henan (Zhongyuan Oilfield) Office15963861288

o Jiangsu Hengda Qianjiang (Jianghan Oilfield) Office13851127268

o Jiangsu Hengda Renqiu (Huabei Oilfield) Office13722707725

o Jiangsu Hengda Xinjiang (Xinjiang Oilfield) Office13218636266