High-pressure movable elbow

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The elbow is directly connected to the pipeline and can work uphole or downhole. It has simple structure, convenient operation, flexibility, high temperature resistance, high pressure, and reliable sealing performance. It is deeply loved by the majority of oilfield users.
Our elaborately manufactured 11/2, 2, 21/2, 3 inch medium and high pressure active elbows are used in oil field operations and can withstand working pressures of 30MPa, 40MPa, 70MPa, 105MPa. This movable elbow is made of high-quality carbon steel and alloy steel, and is processed by a special process to extend the service life of the product. The company's movable elbow is divided into more than ten different specifications, which can be rotated 360 ° in one direction, two directions or three different directions. It can provide various types of movable elbows used under normal temperature, low temperature and sulfur-containing gas conditions.
Design Features
■ Two or three rows of bearing balls are installed in the hardened ball channel, which can withstand heavy and radial loads more effectively.
■ Refined by a special process to ensure that the outer wall of the elbow is thicker than the inner wall.
■ The connection port adopts double safety seal to ensure good sealing under any flow rate.
■ Fuel connection is fast and reliable.

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