Throttle kill manifold

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It consists of throttle valve, flat valve, pressure gauge, three-way, four-way, diversion tube buffer and single-flow valve.
Throttle kill manifold manifold design and manufacture adopts American API 16C standard, and the external connection form of the manifold is flange connection.
Throttling and killing manifolds are indispensable well control equipment for implementing a new balanced drilling process. During the drilling process, when the normal method of mud circulation down through the cobalt rod cannot be used, the equipment can directly pump mud into the wellbore to achieve the purpose of controlling the pressure of oil and gas wells. In the early stage of the occurrence of gushing and overflowing, it can be used to control the gushing and overflowing. Using this equipment can also implement a balanced pressure cobalt well process, which can prevent oil layer pollution and improve drilling speed. The communication between the equipment and the BOP can effectively control the well.

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