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The casing head is a component that connects casing and various wellhead devices. It is used to support the gravity of the technical casing and the oil layer casing, seal the annular space between the layers, provide a transition connection for the installation of upper wellhead devices such as blowout preventers, tubing heads and Christmas trees, and pass through the two on the casing head body. The side port can be used for cement squeezing, monitoring well sinking, and balancing fluid injection.
Structural features
The casing head is mainly composed of three parts: the bottom casing head, the casing head cross, and the casing head hanger. The bottom connection is welded, slip, and threaded. The outlet connection is screwed or flanged (with VR plug thread).
At present, our factory's casing head products have formed two types, offshore and land, with more than 30 specifications. The products are completely designed and manufactured according to the API Spec6A "Specifications for Wellhead Equipment and Christmas Tree Equipment". / 8 "×9-5/8"×7 "(5-1/2"), can be designed and manufactured according to user requirements.

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