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As the main components of the Christmas tree and manifold, the throttle valve is mainly used to control the flow of medium at the wellhead. The throttle valve is divided into two types: adjustable throttle valve and fixed throttle valve. The adjustable throttle valve adjusts the opening area of the throttle nozzle by turning the handwheel to drive the stem forward and backward to achieve the purpose of controlling and adjusting flow . The fixed type; the flow valve changes the cross-sectional size of the flow channel by replacing the throttle oil nozzles with different apertures to achieve flow control.
Product structure characteristics
• With opening indicator
• Adopt relief valve and structure design
• Structural design using flat thrust bearings
• Adopt metal-to-metal seal structure design
• Special material lip packing seal stem
• The use of highly wear-resistant materials enables the throttle valve core and the gas (oil) nozzle to withstand wear and corrosion effectively
• Strictly designed and manufactured according to API Spec 6A, ANSI, NACE MR-0175 standards
• Valve seat and valve body adopt special Y-shaped sealing structure with outer diameter and inner diameter
• Resistant to H2S, CO2 and chloride corrosion
• Equipped with multi-purpose joints for injecting valve body lubricant and stem sealant
• Add hydraulic / pneumatic actuator to realize remote / automatic operation of valve
• Strictly designed and manufactured according to API Spec 6A, ANSI, NACE MR-0175 standards
The main technical parameters
• Nominal diameter: 113/16 ", 2", 21/2 "
• Opening degree: 1 ", 113/16", 2 ", 21/2"
• Temperature level: KLPRSTU
• Performance level: PR1, PR2
• Working medium: oil, natural gas, killing fluid, clean water
• Working pressure: 3000Psi- 20000Psi
• Material specification level: AA BB CC DD EE FF HH
• Manufacturing specification level: PSL3, PSL3G
• Product standard: API SPEC 6A
• Connection method: flange, oil sleeve

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