Shear / Full Seal-Kava Brake Blowout

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(1) The shell is made of integral alloy rigid forgings. The oval gate has a low height, a reasonable stress state, small volume and light weight.
(2) The built-in structure of the fully-sealed sealant parts will not be washed by high-pressure air flow and sediment during blowout, and has high safety and reliability. The two functions of shearing and full sealing are combined into one, which is convenient to operate and saves one line cavity.
(3) The oil system is built-in to prevent bumps during installation and transportation.
(4) All parts are nickel-phosphorus plated for good corrosion resistance.
(5) Equipped with a manual mechanical locking device. After the hydraulic pressure is closed, manual locking can be performed to release the oil pressure. Ensure long-term shut-in safety.
(6) Once the oil well blowout sign or blowout of the operation well, the tubing can be quickly clamped and the shearing string fully seals the wellhead, and the lower slip can effectively prevent the tubing from falling into the well after being cut off.
Technical parameter
(1) Nominal diameter: ø186mm
(2) Rated working pressure: 35Mpa
(3) Quality: 1000Kg
(4) Dimensions: 1602mm × 395mm × 792mm
(5) Shearing force: 75T can instantly cut the tubing below 31/2 "and fully seal the wellhead
(6) The lower slip is tight: up to 25t under the condition of oil pressure 15M Pa

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