Manual double ram blowout preventer

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Manual double-floor BOP is mainly used for drilling, oil production, oil testing, midway testing and downhole operations of new well perforation. During or after operation, there may be blowout or blowout, which can also reduce environmental pollution.
Product structure
The casing of the blowout preventer, the pressure-bearing parts of the side door, the connecting bolts, etc. are all forged from alloy steel. All metal parts are surface treated with nickel-phosphorus electroless plating, which has excellent corrosion resistance.
Product structure
The shutter chamber on the casing adopts an elliptical structure, which improves the force distribution of the casing and improves the safety performance of the casing. The side door is a flat plate type, which is convenient for replacing the shutter assembly. The shutter is always separated into a top seal and a front seal for easy replacement. The seal between the ram shaft and the side door is in the form of a YX-ring and O-ring combination seal, which is reliable and easy to replace. The locking shaft is positioned and supported by thrust bearings for easy operation.

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