Oil and gas equipment market rebound signal highlights



Fundamentals favorable oil and gas equipment industry

  Fundamentals favorable oil and gas equipment industry

  In recent years, the sustained downturn in international oil prices has caused the petroleum and petrochemical industry to suffer a huge impact. Some market participants predict that oil prices will remain low for quite some time in the future. It is understood that the next 20 to 30 years, although the rapid development of new energy technology will bring some impact and challenges to the coal, oil and gas industry, but the status of fossil energy in energy consumption in the short term will not change. And in China's energy structure adjustment, including natural gas, renewable energy, including clean energy in addressing the incremental demand for energy will play a big role, the primary energy stock demand adjustment will rely more on oil, natural gas to solve. In addition, the development of the global economy, mainly relies on emerging countries, emerging markets, developing countries and other economies to pull. From this perspective, at present, there are still nearly 1 billion people around the world do not use modern energy, only to solve the energy needs of this part of the population, through its consumption to drive the world's economic development, all the energy needed, but also very difficult to achieve from wind power, solar energy, biomass. In this regard, many industry insiders believe that despite the decline in oil prices to the oil and its related industries have brought a very adverse impact, but the industry still has a lot of room for development.

  Intelligent is the direction

  According to reports, China has become the world's second largest oil drilling equipment exporters. Due to the special requirements of oil productivity, as well as the urgent need to participate in global competition, in recent years my domestic production enterprises have increased year by year investment in technology research and development, reasonable production process, perfect product structure, high quality products, strong independent development capabilities, oil drilling professional equipment production technology has reached the international advanced level. At present, the development of the petroleum industry is precisely the reflection of the industry's technological progress. The petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry still has a lot of room for upgrading and improving production efficiency by using the level of information technology. In the intelligence, digitalization of such a large future environment, petroleum and petrochemical equipment industry should solve the problem of high energy consumption, first of all, the effectiveness of the improvement, reduce energy consumption. Intelligence is not a machine intelligence, first of all, is an information, big data intelligence, is a production process intelligence, is a production mode of intelligence, is an enterprise system, system intelligence. If you only consider a product intelligence, it can only improve efficiency in that product, but in the whole system can not produce efficiency, and even constrain it, which is not considered intelligent.