What drilling tools are available and the function of the drilling tools



Shock Absorber A tool that accumulates elastic energy to produce shock when the drill column is elongated elastically under tension, which can be used to deal with stuck drill accidents and facilitate safe drilling.

Drilling tools introduction
  Drilling tools include drill bits, drill columns, downhole power drilling tools, and tools such as stabilizers, shock absorbers and vibrators.
  Drill Bit The essential rock crushing tools for drilling, mainly 3 types of drill bits: tooth wheel bits, diamond bits and scraper bits:
  ① Tooth wheel bits, consisting of drilling method bit body, tooth claw, tooth wheel, bearing, water eye, etc. According to the structure of tooth wheel, there are two types of milled tooth type and inserted tooth type, and according to the structure of bearing, there are two types of sealed (or not sealed) rolling bearing and sealed (or not sealed) sliding bearing, and the tooth wheel bits are suitable for drilling various strata and are widely used at present.
  ②Diamond bits, initially limited to hard strata, its varieties and use of the scope is increasingly expanding.    
  ③Scraper bits, simple structure, convenient manufacturing, drilling soft strata faster, but the drilling torque is larger, easy to damage the drilling tools and equipment. In recent years, a new type of cutting bit is being developed, with new wear-resistant materials of different geometric shapes inlaid on the bit matrix, which can adapt to various types of lithological strata and can be drilled at high speed, and its economic effect is becoming more and more remarkable.
  Drill column is the general name of all downhole drilling tools from square drill pipe to drill bit, which consists of square drill pipe, drill pipe, drill collar, stabilizer joint and various other accessories. The function is to lower the drill bit, transfer the mechanical energy required to break the rock, apply drilling pressure to the bottom of the well, deliver the well washing fluid to the well and perform other downhole operations.
Downhole power drilling tools are connected to the lower end of the drill pipe and are used as a power machine to go downhole with the drill pipe.
There are mainly turbine drilling tools, screw drilling tools, etc.
  Turbine drilling tools rely on high-pressure fluid flow through the turbine to transform the fluid energy into mechanical energy on the central shaft and drive the drill bit to break the rock. It consists of hundreds of pairs of turbine stators and rotors, bearings and central shafts mounted in series inside the housing. The blades of the turbine stator and rotor are bent in the opposite direction, and the high-pressure mud flows along the skewed direction of the stator blades, which strongly impacts the rotor blades and makes the rotor drive the center shaft to rotate.
  ② Screw drilling tools rely on high-pressure mud passing through the stator and rotor channels to drive the rotor to rotate in the stator solenoid channel to generate torque and drive the bit to break the rock. It consists of a screw-shaped rotor mounted in a housing and a rubber stator bushing with a screw-shaped channel, as well as a rotating shaft and bearings. It is a volumetric downhole power drilling tool whose rotational speed is proportional to the pump displacement and torque is proportional to the pump pressure and drilling pressure, and the drilling pressure can be indicated indirectly through the pump pressure. Because of the low rotational speed, it is more favorable to use the tooth wheel bit for drilling.
Other tools
  Stabilizer The stabilizer is attached to the lower part of the drilling column to prevent the well from sloping or drilling directional wells, and to facilitate the smooth work of the drill bit.
Drilling Tools
  Shock Absorbers are used to absorb shock and vibration loads generated during drilling to improve the life of the bit and other drilling tools. The key building blocks are different types of shock absorbing elements.
  Shock Absorber A tool that accumulates elastic energy to produce shock when the drill column is elongated elastically under tension, which can be used to deal with stuck drill accidents and facilitate safe drilling.
  Salvage tool A special tool used to salvage fallen objects and deal with downhole accidents. Commonly used salvage tools include male cone, female cone, salvage cylinder, salvage spear, salvage basket, magnet salvager, grinding shoe, safety joint, etc. When there is a stuck drilling accident, use a card measuring instrument to measure the stuck point, and then use the explosion method to loosen the stuck drilling tool clasp, this method is very effective in dealing with the stuck drilling accident.